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" It' very useful at work. It has lots of pockets, & I can put everything

I need in it. 


Very Convenient. Good quality also. 

Works for me. "


Jay, BSN, Med Surg RN, Alameda, CA


" What I like with this bag is that it's so convenient. Small as it is but can handle all the gadgets necessary to be carried around. 


It's durable as well."            


Flor, BSN, Med Surg RN, Livermore, CA

"organize in style with

my mUkeet at work"


Daf, PT, Richmond, TX

"My waist pack is large enough to hold everything I need for my shift.

I can tell that the compartment are thoughtfully designed by a nurse.

It's light enough to forget that I am even wearing a pack.. it's fashionable. It's perfect."


Talia, BSN, RN, Berkeley, CA

" All my tools in one cute belt bag.

Thanks, mUkeet, for saving me mileage at work! "

Happy, BSN, ICU RN, San Diego, CA



" I love my mUkeet! Made my work in ICU a lot easier.

Definitely a MUST have to all Nurses.  Two thumbs up on this one :) "


Doi, BSN, ICU RN, National City, CA


Wish I had bought wayyy sooner!!! I'm a floor nurse and I LOVE this bag! Very good quality, love all the pockets. Didn't think I'd like the area you slip your pens in, but its actually one of my favorite features and after months of use I think a pen has fallen out maybe once. Love the little pockets in front for alcohol swabs and 2x2's. I've had a few different nursing organizer belt bags and this is by far my favorite.


By C and L on December 7, 2014

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Love it. Glad I did not listen to the bad review. Yes it is a fanny not a duffle you fit what you need to, to get the job done!!! I fit all I need for one shift and more. Refill as needed, and it is tough.


By Tina McIntosh on June 5, 2015

Verified Amazon Purchase


Love it, packs everything I need while on the floor and its nice to look at. I get tons of compliments and I don't feel like I have to carry a million things with me.


By Aisha Cousins on March 8, 2015

Verified Amazon Purchase


Best purchase I have made as a floor nurse. It has helped me in so many aspects!!!


By ashley gomez on May 24, 2015

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